Angry Birds Game PC Cheats Hidden Levels Unlock Worlds


Angry Birds Game has resulted out in fans in huge numbers with its favorite download of Angry Birds Game for all versions and gadgets. While it has been one of the most favorite game played all over the world which is created by Finland-Based Rovio Mobile company

Download Angry Bird Game brings you Angry Birds Game PC Cheats to Unlock new Worlds levels for playing online and on your gadget and PC


Perform the followings steps to unlock all worlds without playing through the game.

  1. Load up Angry Birds and go to the world select screen.
  2. Center a locked world on the screen.
  3. Push back button all the way out of Angry Birds.
  4. Load Angry Birds back up and when the “Play” button appears tap it rapidly.
  5. You should be inside the locked worlds stage select screen.
  6. Now, pass the first level of each world to unlock it.