Download Angry Birds Game Theme for Windows PC

Free Download Angry Birds game Theme for Windows XP Vista 7

Angry Birds game so popular that everyone with little technical exposure would have definitely played it either in mobiles or computers or ipads etc. Angry Birds is a kind of game which gets more interesting and more challenging as proceed deeper into the game.

Its popularity was so eminent that the game was designed to work on almost all media gadgets including ipods, ipads, tablets, computers, mobile phones and also on line with support from navigators like Google chrome.

Free Download Angry Birds game Theme for Windows XP Vista 7

The theme of Angry Birds is simple and is the revenge of wingless and legless Birds on the pigs which stole the eggs of those Birds. They fly from a sling shot and attack the cruel pigs to rescue their eggs from them.

The Angry Birds gamer need to clear several stages in which he can destroy the forts, houses and mirror boxes of pigs in order to regain the eggs from those cruel pigs. These Birds use a sling shot to attack the pigs. The user drags the sling to desired direction by their fingers in touch screens whereas they use mouse click and drag in Computer.

Angry Bird Game Theme

Angry Birds Rio game is an interesting and intense time passer. Many people get addicted to it but don’t get to play this game. If you are one of them your problem is solved. You can get the Angry Bird’s environment on your desktop.
Yes, windows theme of Angry Birds is now available in the market that too for free. This theme has numerous desktop backgrounds of Angry Birds and Birdie cursors. The theme changes the icons in the desktop and start menu even.

There are many types of Birds available that do different kinds of interesting actions to kill the pigs. On a click during its flight, a yellow Bird gains an acceleration and attacks with higher speed, a black Bird blasts itself and clears things in its scope, a blue Bird splits into three and attack a wider area and the egg laying Bird while flying, lays eggs to clear enemies on ground.

Angry Birds took its developer Rovio mobile to unreachable heights. Now, their window theme of Angry Birds has struck the market ending with a storm of downloads. Various themes are available for computers that include season themes (Christmas and Halloween) and Rio version themes.

The Angry Bird themes are authoritatively free that can be downloaded and applied for free using the tagged link.

Free Download Angry Birds game Theme for Windows XP Vista 7

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